Dr. Seshadri Iyengar enjoys teaching workshops in classical dance, Body Kinetics and yoga to enthusiastic learners. He believes Nutrition and Lifestyle play a huge role and guides in customising them for individuals.

He is known for his spontaneous innovative ability to choreograph abstract and content based works of both contemporary and traditional origin. He brings in elements of Yogic science and his professional training of being a physician into his workshops. Besides imparting the prescribed repertory, his objective in such workshops is to look at performing arts from a diverse perspective. Experience sharing, interactive Q & A sessions form an integral part of these sittings.

An individual is welcome to learn the following in a group or via private lessons.

  • Learn an item from the dance repertory. A variety of items to choose from – pushpanjali, varnams, padams, folk, tilanna, contemporary etc.
  • An entire Margam - moving with the times, a short repertory of 6 items in the Margam format.
  • Body Kinetics - Fitness Training for Dancers, addressing the Mind, Body, Breath and Self. A Brain child of Dr.Iyengar is a fitness module designed keeping in mind the requirements of a dancer for seamless and able execution. The aim is to bring about a connection between the technique (the dance form) and the medium (the dancer).
  • Yoga - Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Choreography for event based commissioned projects and the likes. Often creating interesting and innovative movement vocabularies keeping in mind the traditional aesthetics!

His workshops focus on - Technique classes, Understanding Choreography and creating new and interesting movement vocabulary, stagecraft / presentation / communication /props /scripting / costume and lighting.

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