Web Trio Series

The pandemic of 2020 triggered the idea of taking the activities online. An impulsive thought gave birth to the trio concept and thus emerged the web trio series hosted by ICFA on Instagram. Keeping ICFA’s objective of promoting process driven activities in mind, several topics were coined. The uniqueness of this series was to present 3 artists share their individual journeys concerning a topic or to have one artist speak about the topic from 3 different perceptive. The series took to screen between 13th May and 30th December, and a total of 34 episodes were presented live, one on each Wednesday between 7pm and 8pm IST.

A total of 80 artists have been presented through these series to date. The subjects were of a wide spectrum of disciplines and practises; Classical dance, Indian Heritage, Christmas, Hinduism, Innovative instruments, DJ, Philosophy, Literature, Choreography, Yoga, martial arts, Ayurveda, Ariel act, Photography, Gender in dance .. etc.

Some artists of repute to mention a few…
Lalitha Srinivasan, The Dhananjayans, Kanaka Srinivasan, Dr. RV.Raghavendra, MA Alwar, P Ramaa, Sudha Raghuraman, Dr. Suma Sudheendra, Pushkala Gopal, Guru Savithri Jagannath Rao, Minal Prabhu, Anoor R Anantha Krishna Sharma, Rathna Kumar, Bharat Gupt to mention a few.