Global Work

Projects and Workshops in UK with Srishti Dance Creations

2004 to 2011 saw a wide range of productions, the subjects and themes being very unique and from diverse fields such as… football, Love, London business life, Venus the planet, Romeo & Juliet, chess and human relations etc.

Performances and Workshops in USA

They could range from Yoga, Adavu training, abhinaya, technique classes, fitness and body conditioning workshops etc.

Body Kinetics – working on the Body, Breath, Mind and Self; integrating them into a capsule, an exercise routine.

Imparting specific items to students from dance repertory or teaching a margam.

Choreographing, presenting and performing in specific commissioned dance productions which could be theme based, abstract, mythological and/or historical.

Bharatnatyam Solo performances.

Projects and Workshops in Canada